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Maximum temperature may hit 38°C in Ahmedabad

18 Feb 2023 9:01 AM GMT
Thursday was Ahmedabad's hottest February day in seven years

Report: Cases of cold diarrhea increased by 40% after a dip in temperature

7 Jan 2023 4:05 PM GMT
Not just high BP, heart attack and stroke are what is making people sick in winter but cold diarrhea too

Gujarat: Temperature soars, rain likely on Friday

7 Sep 2022 11:11 AM GMT
Minimum temperature also increased slightly to 25.6 degrees

April average temperature amid heatwave in parts of India highest in 122 years

30 April 2022 8:13 AM GMT
This week, several states in the country have suffered power crisis amid coal shortage due to increased electricity consumption

Ahmedabad: Temperature to dip after Wednesday

3 April 2022 11:09 AM GMT
The city's maximum temperature was 40.9 degrees celsius on Saturday, 2.9 degrees higher than normal.

Mercury hits 41.3°C in Ahmedabad

30 March 2022 9:26 AM GMT
Ahmedabad recorded the maximum temperature of 41.3°C on Tuesday

Gujarat weather: Heat on, yellow alert for next 4 days

25 March 2022 6:10 AM GMT
The maximum temperature on Friday is likely to be 39°C, mentioned the forecast.

Ahmedabad temperature may cross 40°C this week

14 March 2022 7:37 AM GMT
This week, maximum temperature is likely to touch and later cross the 40 degrees celsius mark in Ahmedabad, said Manorama Mohanty
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