Vadodara Harni police arrest the labour contractor in the murder of the youth named Anil Yadav. His body was found by the police and with fatal injury mark near the ear. The murder was fall out of a fight between the two as the victim was having bad intention towards daughter of the accused. He also abused and threaten the family to kidnap the girl.

The body of Anil Yadav was found in an open field near Brahmanagar near Khodiyar Nagar by the Harni police.  The investigation has revealed that a sharp weapon wound near the ear had caused the death. Police formed teams to investigate and arrest the accused in quick time.

The team cleverly questions the labour contractor Brijlal Shardaprasad Tiwari who later broke down and accepted the murder. He said Anil Yadav had bad intentions towards his daughter and had a argument few days ago during the birthday of his son. He also threaten to kidnap the girl.

Keep that in mind the accused get the information about Anil Yadav sitting in open ground near Brahmanagar. Tiwari reached there and hit him with a iron pipe behind the ear. He died on the spot and the accused fled from the spot. Police arrest Brijlal Tiwari for murder and send him for mandatory Covid 19 test.


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