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Mango Rolls Recipe: The recipe can be served after a special meal or your regular meals at lunch or dinner platters

25 Sep 2023 2:12 PM GMT
This Continental recipe can be served on any occasions like buffets, kitty parties, potlucks

Asparagus Soup Recipe: Healthy and nutritious, you can make this soup recipe

24 Sep 2023 2:04 PM GMT
Asparagus Soup is a Continental recipe

Porridge Tikki Recipe: Made with a handful of common kitchen ingredients

22 Sep 2023 3:01 PM GMT
You can easily cook/shallow-fry the tikkis in a non-stick by using minimal oil

Goan Idli Recipe: Goan Idlis are very similar to the usual idlis and are best paired with sambhar and chicken curries

20 Sep 2023 10:56 AM GMT
These soft idlis will just melt in your mouth due to their soft and different texture

Gujiya Recipe: The best thing about this delicacy is the combination of sweet, yummy filling and crispy outer coating

18 Sep 2023 2:31 PM GMT
This Indian dessert aromatic and delicious you can add some green cardamom, this will accentuate the taste of the Gujiya recipe

Bajra Masala Khichdi Recipe: This khichdi keeps the body warm and helps in the digestion

16 Sep 2023 3:33 PM GMT
It’s a staple food of Haryana and Rajasthan and is traditionally made with bajra or pearl millet and moong dal

Baba Ganoush Recipe: Baba Ganoush is a simple recipe that can be made in minutes

14 Sep 2023 3:11 PM GMT
This easy recipe can be served with toasted pita breads and people of all age groups will love it

Lemongrass Masala Chai Recipe: Make this delicious Lemongrass Masala Chai at home

12 Sep 2023 3:42 PM GMT
You just need a few ingredients in place and enjoy this amazing tea

Gluten-free Tahini Cookies Recipe: Gluten-free and healthy, these cookies can be easily prepared at home

11 Sep 2023 4:19 PM GMT
These Tahini Cookies are made with no oil, butter or eggs

Cheesy Paneer Bread Rolls Recipe: Enjoy these cheesy melt paneer bread rolls alongside your favorite chutneys or schezwan dip

10 Sep 2023 4:34 PM GMT
Cheesy Paneer Bread Rolls have the same preparation as normal Bread Rolls

Butterfly Pea Tea Recipe: This tea is a zero-caffeine product, which amps up its health quotient

5 Sep 2023 3:43 PM GMT
To prepare this tea, you just need a handful of ingredients

Avocado Cheese Sandwich Recipe: This sandwich recipe is perfect for road trips or as a delicious mini snack

3 Sep 2023 2:37 PM GMT
Try this amazing sandwich, which can be made in just a few minutes