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Paneer Golden Fry Recipe: If you are a paneer lover, then here is one dish that will definitely become one of your favourites

20 March 2023 9:36 AM GMT
The best thing about this snack is that it can be prepared with just a handful of ingredients

Fruit and Mint Custard Recipe: Be it kids or adults, everyone will love this recipe

18 March 2023 8:22 AM GMT
To make this recipe, you just need a handful of fruits, milk, sugar, vanilla essence, cashews, almonds and mint

Egg Bhurji Sandwich Recipe: So easy to make and super filling at the same time

17 March 2023 9:03 AM GMT
These protein-rich sandwiches can easily fit in your weight loss diet as well

Corn Hotdog Recipe: A delicious Corn Hotdog recipe that you can make at home with handful of ingredients

16 March 2023 8:49 AM GMT
Try something different and make a scrumptious and filling Hotdog

Banana Coconut Smoothie Recipe: Try this easy smoothie recipe and enjoy it with your loved ones

15 March 2023 9:04 AM GMT
Made with banana, grated coconut, greek yoghurt, maple syrup and vanilla essence

Mango Cheese and Avocado Salad Recipe: Its is a unique mix of three different flavours to take your taste buds on a flavoursome trip

14 March 2023 1:04 PM GMT
You just need a handful of ingredients like mango, avocado, cheese, arugula lettuce to make the salad

Guava Mojito Recipe: This cocktail recipe can be served as a starter drink at any party or special occasion

13 March 2023 1:28 PM GMT
This sweet 'n' sour cocktail is going to blow away your mind with its impeccable taste

Oats Mini Uttapam Recipe: You can either savour them in breakfast or have them as an evening snack

11 March 2023 9:46 AM GMT
They are made with minimal oil and made on a flat pan, which makes them very low on calories

Chilli Garlic Paratha Recipe: If you like to try out new and unique recipes at home, then make sure you bookmark this recipe right away

10 March 2023 9:59 AM GMT
The aroma and flavour of this paratha is very similar to that of garlic bread

Green Detox Juice Recipe: Try this Juice made with spinach, parsley, celery and mango which would be loved by everyone

9 March 2023 1:41 PM GMT
There is no need to starve or pop laxatives, instead try this bright green powerful detox juice

Red Kidney Beans Wrap Recipe: Try this delicious Kidney bean and salsa recipe, which makes for a delicious snack

4 March 2023 9:11 AM GMT
To make this recipe, you just need some simple ingredients and you are good to go

Pumpkin Fries Recipe: The herbs and spices used in this delectable dish can be customised as per your taste

2 March 2023 9:16 AM GMT
These pumpkin fried are not deep fried and is perfect for all the weight watchers
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