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Rose Kheer Tart Recipe:This dessert recipe is a delightful combination of a crunchy tart filled with rose-flavored kheer

2 Dec 2023 1:28 PM GMT
This Fusion recipe is not only delicious and mouth-watering, but at the same time it is visually appealing

Amritsari Sookhi Dal Recipe: When you are feeling lazy, this is the best dal recipe that you can make for your family

29 Nov 2023 11:58 AM GMT
A quick and easy-to-make dish that is best enjoyed with hot chapati or plain paratha, this dal is indeed a comfort food

Kashmiri Collard Greens Recipe:Popularly known as 'Haakh-Saag', this dish is another one of the precious gifts of Jammu & Kashmir

25 Nov 2023 1:10 PM GMT
Relish this Kashmiri speciality, in its truest essence with steaming hot rice

Butter Coffee Recipe: Butter Coffee, also called Bulletproof Coffee is the latest trend in town

21 Nov 2023 12:57 PM GMT
The amount of fat content in the coffee is said to keep you full for a long time and thus prevents cravings

Hing Peda Recipe: Bid goodbye to stomach issues with this homemade Hing Peda

20 Nov 2023 10:33 AM GMT
All these ingredients will help in keeping your stomach health, will treat indigestion, prevent bloating, soothe acid reflux and even relieve the...

Rasiyaw (Gur ki Kheer) Recipe: Kheer is a delectable dessert recipe, which can be prepared anytime

18 Nov 2023 3:37 PM GMT
Rasiyaw is not much different from an usual rice, the only difference is the addition of jaggery, which makes it abisltely indulgent and healthy

Malaika Arora steals hearts in stylish white shirt and black mini skirt ensemble

18 Nov 2023 3:25 PM GMT
On Friday, Malaika gave her fans a sweet surprise as the actress took to Instagram and uploaded a series of pictures accompanied by the caption

Chhat Special Thekua Recipe: The sweet taste of Khajur or Thekua is believed to bring togetherness and happiness in the family

17 Nov 2023 1:07 PM GMT
For the most authentic taste, follow this super quick and Bihari Khasta Thekua Recipe

Nutritious Diwali snacks for kids to enjoy

12 Nov 2023 1:18 PM GMT
Diwali, the festival of lights, is a time of vibrant celebrations, traditional rituals, and delectable treats