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City-based Parul Sevashram Hospital Opts for a Unique Celebration of Christmas

24 Dec 2021 3:11 PM GMT
Aims to Give People the ‘Gift of Life’

Parul Sevashram Hospital's initiative of Make Your Intention Infection Prevention

24 Oct 2021 4:27 AM GMT
Parul Sevashram Hospital’s initiative of Make Your Intention Infection Prevention

80 Hard Stones removed from the Gall Bladder of a 50 Years Old Female

6 Aug 2021 3:54 AM GMT
Surgery was carried out by expert Gastroenterology team of Parul Sevashram Hospital without a single incision on body

Equipped with 30 beds one of Gujarat's Largest Dialysis Centers inaugurated at Parul Sevashram Hospital

10 July 2021 10:12 AM GMT
This newly inaugurated facility has been equipped with a total bedding capacity of 30 beds, making it the largest dialysis centre in Gujarat.

Uninterrupted oxygen supply and ventilators installed in Vadodara hospitals to treat people and save lives

6 April 2021 4:18 AM GMT
Uninterrupted oxygen supply and ventilator supply is most important in treatment of covid patients. As cases are continuing to surge in Vadodara, the...

Parul Sevashram hospital fight Covid -19 pandemic with Holistic care to cure

20 Sep 2020 12:40 PM GMT
The COVID-19 pandemic has been growing in its impact and casualties across the Nation and the World at large. To curb this rise and stay ahead of the...

High Risk case of two big tumours operated at Parul Sevashram hospital

18 Dec 2019 8:49 AM GMT
Tumours operated Laparoscopically by Expert team of Gynecologists During regular OPD consultation, a 38 year old female visited senior Gynecologist...
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