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Parul university director donate plasma for covid antibodies

Parul university director donate plasma for covid antibodies

Dr. Devanshu Patel, director of Vadodara based Parul university donated his plasma to save the lives of people in this critical time. He urged everyone who are eligible to come forward for the donation.

Dr. Devanshu got his Covid antibody titre checked which was 226 U/ ml, much above the required levels of more than 0.8 U/ ml.

He underwent two doses of COVID vaccination and everyone in his family has contracted COVID infection barring him and recovered.

He said, studies have shown that early treatment of COVID patients with plasma rich in antibodies is helpful in reducing mortality rates in critically ill patients. He donated his plasma and urge everyone who has titre of more than 10 U/ ml (and eligible for blood donation) to come forward for donation. As a simple gesture can save someone’s life.

Further he said that at Parul Sevashram Hospital, they are at war against COVID 19, with 100 ICU beds, 35 Ventilators, 400 Oxygen beds and an army of doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and students. Oxygen capacity has been made 10 times.

He urge everyone not to criticise but come forward and become a COVID warrior.

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