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Parul Sevashram Hospital's initiative of Make Your Intention Infection Prevention

Parul Sevashram Hospital’s initiative of Make Your Intention Infection Prevention

Parul Sevashram Hospitals initiative of Make Your Intention Infection Prevention

COVID-19 continues to show the world what infection prevention play a crucial role in keeping everyone safe and healthy. Aligning with this year's theme "Make Your Intention Infection Prevention", Parul Sevashram Hospital led by Infection Control Department initiated several activities for infection prevention to educate staff, patients and relatives aimed to reduce the risk of patients, visitors and healthcare workers getting an infection.

A special hand washing dance activity was performed to educate patients and relatives on seven important steps of hand hygiene. Staff were educated on 5 moments of hand hygiene; as to when to wash hands so that infection spread can be minimized and the chain can be controlled.

Swiss Cheese Working Model was showcased on how different layers of protection can help keep safe, highlighting the importance of COVID vaccination. Staff were involved in games and activities like Infection prevention snakes and ladders, kaun Banega Gyanpati and a display of different measures to control infection prevention was organized which helped to understand the concept .

A CME on Sepsis Awareness was also organized by collaborative approach of The Department of Intensive Care, Microbiology, Infectious Diseases and Medicine. Sepsis, a serious medical condition, has a high incidence in patients admitted in intensive care units around the world. The population at risk of sepsis include elderly, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, impaired immune function, cancer, road traffic accidents, neonates and paediatric population.

Like stroke or heart attack, early identification of the symptoms of sepsis is crucial for survival. Basics of sepsis, early identification, challenges in diagnosis and treatment, the rising concern of antibiotic resistance, fungal sepsis and Sepsis in COVID patients were the key topics that were addressed. It was an interactive session held to educate the clinical departments, medical students, nursing staff and para clinical personnel.

Key messages were recorded and were communicated to staff about Infection prevention and control is safe health care for everyone, all the time.

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