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Lemon Sushi Cake Recipe: A cake recipe that's delicious and unheard of

28 Feb 2024 9:49 AM GMT
A delightful Lemon Sushi Cake recipe that will leave you wanting more of this sweet treat

Fire & Ice Recipe: It's the perfect drink to have in hot summer

23 Feb 2024 2:59 PM GMT
A perfect drink to have in hot summer, and add lots of ice cubes in it

Mango Pachadi Recipe: This delicacy is a must try and can be paired with several delicacies like Neer Dosa, Tomato Rice, Lemon Rice etc

21 Feb 2024 2:19 PM GMT
Unlike other Pachadi recipes, this delicacy is a sweet and tangy amalgamation of flavors

Chole Ghugni Recipe: Ghugni is a popular dish from Bihar and is eaten as an appetiser or snack

13 Feb 2024 2:59 PM GMT
This is a dish made with spices and is full of flavours which you definitely must give a try

Bharwan Phaldari Aloo Recipe: this dish is not only delicious but also very healthy with low amounts of fat in it

11 Feb 2024 4:42 PM GMT
This North Indian recipe is a great snack to be served at kitty parties, potlucks, and game nights

Red Amaranth & Beetroot Fillo Recipe: a perfect mix of taste and texture wrapped inside crispy fillo sheets

10 Feb 2024 3:17 PM GMT
This fusion recipe is a delicious amalgamation of baked flaky pastry stuffed with a mix of red amaranth, feta, halloumi, ricotta and beetroot

Aratikaya Fry Recipe: This recipe csn be prepared fir kitty parties, potlucks and game nights

6 Feb 2024 1:54 PM GMT
Aratikaya Fry is a delicious chaat recipe which is prepared using banana, salt, chilli powder, turmeric, vegetable oil

Peanut Barfi Recipe: Be it kids or adults, everyone will relish this creamy peanut barfi recipe for sure

30 Jan 2024 1:46 PM GMT
This recipe can be prepared in just 30 minutes and is a delight to have

Lucky Sweet and Sour Sauce Recipe: Pair this Continental recipe with any finger food of your choice

27 Jan 2024 12:56 PM GMT
This yummy sauce recipe is prepared in just 10 minutes and is one of the easiest sauce that you can ever make

Masala Olives Recipe: This recipe can make for healthy appetizer for your movie nights and parties

24 Jan 2024 3:23 PM GMT
To make this easy recipe you need some simple kitchen ingredients

Chana and Boondi Chaat Recipe: If you are a Chaat lover, then you need to bookmark this recipe right away

18 Jan 2024 3:26 PM GMT
The mix of boiled Kala Chana with Boondi is a unique combination in itself and is a must-try for all food enthusiasts

Rasam Spiked Almonds Recipe: An easy-to-make snack recipe which is mouth-watering and will be adored by children

6 Jan 2024 1:58 PM GMT
Celebrate with almonds as they are source of numerous imperative supplements and vital nutrients