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Education Ministry asks NCERT to review, update textbooks on yearly basis

1 May 2024 9:26 AM GMT
So far, there has been no mandate on the frequency of updating NCERT textbooks

NCERT to release updated textbooks for grades 3rd, 6th in April and May

3 April 2024 9:33 AM GMT
In light of this, the council urges parents and students to remain patient and reassured

NCERT to revise syllabus for class 3 and 6 from the new academic-year

21 March 2024 9:14 AM GMT
This initiative aims to introduce students to new teaching methodologies and subject

NCERT forms new panel to refine school curriculum

12 Aug 2023 11:59 AM GMT
The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has established a fresh panel

Kerala to pick deleted parts from NCERT books

27 April 2023 1:08 PM GMT
Sources in SCERT said the curriculum committee took the stand that the deleted portions, mainly pertaining to History, should be taught in Kerala

NCERT Textbooks to be revised as per new education policy

28 March 2023 7:55 AM GMT
The textbooks will be developed as per the National Curriculum Framework (NCF)

NCERT selects ETS for establishing national assessment regulator PARAKH

7 Feb 2023 8:48 AM GMT
NCERT has launched PARAKH with an aim of removing disparities in scores of students enrolled in different state boards

NCERT's New draft module recommends gender neutral uniforms for transgender students

17 Jan 2023 8:05 AM GMT
The new module also recommends measures to achieve a more inclusive environment at schools

NCERT drops content on Gujarat riots from Class 12 textbook

17 Jun 2022 7:13 AM GMT
According to a note on the rationalised content released by the NCERT on Thursday