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Apple iPhone 15 updates: India-manufactured iPhones to be available from day 1

12 Sep 2023 1:55 PM GMT
The event starts Tuesday, September 12, at 10:30 pm IST

Apple releases urgent security updates to prevent hackers from planting Pegasus spyware in iPhones

8 Sep 2023 9:38 AM GMT
If you have an iPhone, it's a good idea to update it with the new software to stay safe from these problems.

Apple Watch might soon be able to connect to multiple iPhones and iPads

30 April 2023 12:33 PM GMT
According to sources Apple Watch ‘will no longer be tied to one single iPhone’ and may soon support multi-device pairing

WhatsApp will stop working on these iPhones

2 Sep 2022 9:16 AM GMT
WhatsApp claims to support iOS 12 or newer, however it advises using the most recent OS release

Apple working on hardware subscription service for iPhones

25 March 2022 6:03 AM GMT
A move that could make device ownership similar to paying a monthly app fee, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

Meta investor sues over Apple privacy update's impact on ads

10 March 2022 8:04 AM GMT
Meta Platforms Inc falsely reassured investors that the impacts of privacy tweaks to Apple’s iOS software for iPhones were manageable

This Fashion house used smashed iPhones to invite guests Tto Paris Fashion Week

7 March 2022 11:43 AM GMT
The Balenciaga show took place on Sunday, March 6, and was live-streamed across the world.

On iPhones, Google One VPN is now available for users

2 Feb 2022 11:28 AM GMT
People in 18 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico, can use the VPN

Apple to check iCloud photo uploads for child abuse images

6 Aug 2021 11:32 AM GMT
Apple Inc said it will implement a system that checks photos on iPhones in the United States before they are uploaded to its iCloud storage services