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PM Modi says cities cannot be developed with election-centric approach

21 Sep 2022 7:00 AM GMT
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for a holistic approach to plan cities and urban spaces

Ghulam Nabi Azad resigns from Congress, says election process 'farce and sham'

26 Aug 2022 6:42 AM GMT
Veteran Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad on Friday resigned from all posts of the party

Uttar Pradesh Polls phase 6 update: Nearly 9% Voter turnout recorded till 9 AM

3 March 2022 5:23 AM GMT
Voting underway on 57 assembly seats

Voting for first phase of assembly election underway in 38 constituencies in Manipur

28 Feb 2022 5:29 AM GMT
The average voter turnout registered till 09.00 A.M. was 07.26 per cent.

General election of 260 gram panchayats and by-election of two gram panchayats of Vadodara district will be held on Sunday

17 Dec 2021 12:47 PM GMT
576 polling stations and 4,28,602 voters in Gram Panchayat elections

General election of 289 gram panchayats and by-election of 40 gram panchayats will be held in Vadodara district

25 Nov 2021 9:48 AM GMT
611 polling stations in Gram Panchayat elections, 4,52,171 voters, notification to release on Monday

Father son duo injured in different accidents fulfilled the sacred duty of voting

21 Feb 2021 8:06 AM GMT
Parth Agarwal says this injury will disappear in 6 months but if he don’t vote, will have to suffer loss for 5 years A father son duo in...

Campaigning for Karjan by election will stop from evening of November 1

30 Oct 2020 11:43 AM GMT
The Election Commission of India has made it a rule to suspend publicity activities 48 hours before the scheduled time of polling where Lok Sabha or...