Follow these tips before getting ready for Navratri

Today, we bring you some tips to be kept in mind before applying make-up and getting ready for Navratri. Check the video above where...

Watch Video to know trending blouse patterns this Navratri

"Being timeless is the key" is what Ms Hetal suggests while getting your blouses designed. Fusion is an always evergreen trend, be it in...

Temporary Tattoos a craze among girls during Navratri

The nine day long dance festival which is world's most longest festival in the world started from Thursday and like every year, girls of Gujarat are...

Navratri Fashion Trends- From then till Now!

Navratri is said to be India’s longest festival of joy. A celebration where people spend nine nights worshiping Goddess Durga, dancing, singing and most...

LED lights garba dress latest craze in Vadodara

The nine days longest dance festival in the world is about to start and the revellers are trying new ways to design their costumes...

Bring the culture and colours of Gujarat out this Navratri – Kawaljit Singh

“Navratri is a beautiful and lovely festival where you can see the culture of Gujarat. I request the people to bring the culture and...

Content & Photographs for today’s event

INIFD Vadodara on Saturday organised a unique event where the students of third year organised a mock launch of new fashion boutique as part of their...

Bigg Boss fame and fashion icon Imam Siddique at Inifd Vadodara

Bigg Boss Fame and well known fashion model Imam Siddique said that its time for India t taking stand in the world of fashion...
INIFD Annual Design Show SPECTRUM 2017

INIFD fashion show 2017

The INIFD Annual Design Show SPECTRUM 2017, takes everyone to mesmerising world of moments to celebrate the theme ‘Travel the World’ and unite humanity....

INIFD spreads the message of Unite World theme in annual design show

The much awaited INIFD Annual Design Show SPECTRUM 2017, is back with a bang, and this time the organisers are taking the theme ‘Travel...


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