Only son and brother between two sisters

A 20yr old youth committed suicide in Vadodara on friendship day on Sunday. There was discussions that the youth took the extreme step after the girl denied his friendship proposal but the friends considered it just rumour nothing else.

As per the details Rahul Vadiyatare residing in Nagarwada Santoshi Mata pole hanged himself inside his home on Sunday. He was working as embroidery artist in a unit at Gajrawadi Patel Estate and is the only brother between two sisters.

There was discussions about Rahul took the extreme step after the girl denied his friendship proposal on friendship day.  However the locals and friends denied it and calls it a rumour.

A social worker from the area Sanjay Makwana said Sanjay hanged himself inside his home when he was alone at home. His father Ramesh Bhai went to Ambaji, mother for household work and sisters went to Dakor. His mother returned home and came to know about the suicide of her son.

The reason for the extreme step was not exactly known and will be clear after police investigation. The incident shocked the area as Rahul was the only son and brother between two sisters. The sisters also got silent as they lost their only brother just before the Rakshabandban festival.


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