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31 January – Know your today's horoscope

31 Jan 2024 2:45 AM GMT
Aries :Health wise this period will be dull therefore be careful of what you consume. Expenditure rises but rise in income takes care of your bills....

24 December – Know your today's horoscope

24 Dec 2023 2:31 AM GMT
Aries :You can start your day with Yoga and Meditation. Doing this will be beneficial for you and you will maintain your energy levels throughout the...

29 October – Know your today's horoscope

29 Oct 2023 2:49 AM GMT
Aries :Don't allow unwanted thoughts occupy your mind. Try to remain calm and tension free that would enhance your mental toughness. Your efforts to...

Odisha court permits auction for damaged trains coaches included in 2 June accident

18 Oct 2023 7:51 AM GMT
The advocate of the petitioner said as the chargesheet has been submitted, there is no point allowing the damaged coaches to remain lying.

08 October – Know your today's horoscope

8 Oct 2023 2:58 AM GMT
Aries :Blessings of a saintly person will give peace of mind. Your idea of ​​saving money for yourself can be accomplished today. Today you will be...

07 October – Know your today's horoscope

7 Oct 2023 2:45 AM GMT
Aries :Evenings at the movie- theatre or dinner with your spouse seem to keep you in a relaxed and wonderful mood You need to accumulate your money...

10 September – Know your today's horoscope

10 Sep 2023 2:36 AM GMT
Aries :You would get relief from the tensions and strains of life which you have been experiencing for long. It is right time to change your life...

17 August – Know your today's horoscope

17 Aug 2023 2:41 AM GMT
Aries :Divert your thought and energy to what you wish to see in physical reality. There is no point in imaging only. The problem so far with you is...

16 August – Know your today's horoscope

16 Aug 2023 2:43 AM GMT
Aries :Involve yourself in paying some sport as it is the secret of perpetual youth. Investment needs to be made with a long-term perspective....

15 August – Know your today's horoscope

15 Aug 2023 2:37 AM GMT
Aries :For a contented life improve your mental toughness. You may witness tremendous profit in business today. You can give new heights to your...

14 August – Know your today's horoscope

14 Aug 2023 2:48 AM GMT
Aries :Remain calm-tension free today. The court will make decisions in your favour today if you were involved in a case regarding money-related...

IIT Gandhinagar is going to host 'Inter IIT Sports Meet 2023'

8 Aug 2023 9:37 AM GMT
The Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar is going to host the Inter IIT Sports Meet 2023