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Yoga teacher from Vadodara conduct free online classes for covid patients recovering at home

Yoga teacher from Vadodara conduct free online classes for covid patients recovering at home

Strong immunity is considered to be the best way to fight any disease. The corona era still looming over us teach us the importance of fitness and inner strength which is neglected by many of us before the pandemic. Yoga is one such activity which gives us the inner strength to fight.

At present when people are recovering at home from Covid, yoga is the best way to get the same strength and keep the fitness level at par. Bhavna Gupta a yoga trainer from Vadodara is on a mission to give such people the benefit of yoga and starts online classes for them totally free of cost. The aim is to give them the physical and mental strength which they somehow lose during their fight against corona.

A graduate in Maths from MSU Baroda, Bhavna always had that passion of physical fitness running inside and joined yoga with friends as a fun activity. However she soon learned about the rich benefits of it and starts her career as a yoga trainer in 2014. Since then she is teaching people the ancient way of physical, mental and spiritual practices.

"In such challenging time as a yoga trainer I thought it's my duty to help corona patients to get back their physical and mental strength which somehow they lost during their fight against the virus. I carefully identify the asanas for them and teach them every morning through online class. Presently their level of strength is low so I insist them to do as per their comfort and slowly increase the level of intensity," said Bhavna.

Bhavna primarily concentrate on breathing, chest expansion and digestion exercises for the covid patients recovering at home. "Breathing and chest expansion gives strength to the lungs and also clear the blockage if any. The exercises I suggest also concentrates on the digestion too as a healthy tummy can lead to a calm mind and inner body strength. I also gives them the tips on balanced diet which is necessary for them in this recovering phase," said Bhavna.

At present she is concentrating on improving the inner strength of patients and also experimenting with the asanas to make interesting. However she primarily focus on breathing exercise and target to reach maximum number of people in order to help them recover from this phase. She is about to start online class for such patients from other countries who wish to join yoga as a path towards fitness.

Bhavna Gupta is a B.Sc honors in Mathematics from MSU and later done diploma in Yoga, Naturopathy and Ayurveda. She also done reiki and hypnotherapy and pursuing graduation in Yoga science. She said the only aim is to popularise Yoga and spread awareness about its benefits in people.

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