Western Railway’s Vigilance Team conducted surprise checks at various stations with a view to curb the menace of touting activities and to safeguard the safety of passengers against over loading in luggage van in train.

According to a press release issued by WR Chief Public Relations Officer Ravinder Bhakar, a vigilance team comprising of Chief Vigilance Inspectors Saurabh Masekar, Manoj Yadav and Head Constable/Vigilance Champalal Patil conducted  surprise checks at Wankaner station on 10th July, 2019 and at Vadodara and Bandra Terminus stations on 11th and 12th July, 2019.

Starting with the vigilance team raided Booking cum Reservation office at Wankaner station and apprehended two staff with excess amount of Rs. 7140/- and 9 reservation tickets amounting to Rs. 26000/- were seized. Being a roadside station where only 16 pairs of trains are operational and with about daily average earnings of Rs. 50,000/-, seizer of such a quantum of tickets proves that touting activities are being carried out at remote locations which are difficult to reach out.

Further investigation into the case is being done by Western Railway’s Vigilance Department. Similar more checks will be carried out by Vigilance Department at such remote locations in the near future to safeguard public interest.

The surprise check which was conducted on 11th July, 2019 detected overloading of parcels in Seating cum Luggage (SLR) rake of Train No. 12926 Paschim Express, which runs between Amritsar to Bandra Terminus. The permissible capacity of parcel loading in the SLR was 4000 kgs against which, parcel weighing 6980 kgs was loaded. 1002 kgs was unloaded at Vadodara and 5978 kgs at Bandra Terminus an overloading to the tune of 2980 kgs.  The SLR was being operated by M/s Xtra Freight Forwarder on lease.

Looking at the seriousness penalty has been imposed upon them by the team. Seeing the gravity of this wrongdoing, another surprise check was conducted on 12th July, 2019, and a second vigilance team was created comprising of Vigilance Inspectors Amarnath Jha, Hitesh Dave and Tushar Garud to check the Seating cum Luggage (SLR) coach of Train No. 12926 Paschim Express. During this surprise check at Bandra Terminus, the Seating cum Luggage (SLR) of Train No. 12926 Paschim Express detected parcel weighing 7452 kgs loaded  which is 3452 kgs of overload parcel. M/s Xtra Freight Forwarded was fined Rs. 3,55, 935 and administrative action has been proposed.

Other than this, the Vigilance Team also checked the older Motor cum Parcel Vans (VPU) which is being operated by M/s Shirish Cargo Pvt. Ltd. and found 10 packages weighing 350 kgs of contraband tobacco. The contraband was seized and handed over to RPF for further action. Similar vigilance checks will continue by the railway vigilance teams in the near future.