The  SKILL INDIA   Seminar was organized by Western Railway Women’s Welfare Organization-HQ (WRWWO) in co-ordination with the Personnel Department of Western Railway. Archana Gupta-President of WRWWO Headquarters, Churchgate alongwith Vice President Meena Tripathi and other Senior Members of WRWWO were also present. Around 50 students attended the event together with around 20 staff members.

According to a press release issued by WR CPRO Ravinder Bhakar, during the seminar Joint Director of National Skill Training Institute Mumbai – S.P. Bhattacharjee and Administrative Officer- Anil Shewle enlightened the gathering on the importance of acquiring industrial and technical skills and how they open up new avenues of employability to youngsters. It was very informative to the children, as well as staff whose children could not attend the seminar.

Archana Gupta also delivered an inspiring speech to the children exhorting them to stay focused and strongly resolved to seek their goals and ambitions. She told the children not to be discouraged by failures and that difficulties of every kind should be encountered and overcome. She further said that discussions as well as open mindedness to seek clarifications should be a habit with every student seeking their goal in life.


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