In its latest project, Western Railway has given an overhaul to the 125 year-old station building and circulating area of Udvada station. The project was aimed not only to upgrading the old station building but also to enhance various passenger amenities which the station lacked. The station is now revamped the station with new AC waiting halls, VIP rooms, newly built Reservation cum Booking Office, better toilet facilities for all, proper parking areas and making the station more accessible for Divyangjan travellers.

According to a press release issued by WR CPRO Ravi Bhakar, Udvada is an important pilgrimage centre for Zoroastrians all over the world. The Udvada Atash Behram is one of the most sacred Zoroastrians Fire Temple in India and is also the oldest continuously burning Fire Temple in the world. This holy place of worship is the oldest and still functioning holds much importance for Zoroastrians across the globe.

Udvada station has been serving travellers and pilgrims especially for almost 125 years which is a special B-Class station and an important one from pilgrimage point of view on the Virar-Surat Section of Mumbai Division. The daily footfall of passengers is approximately 2,500. The old station building was almost 125 years old and its façade had lost its aesthetic view and flaws visible over the premises. Problems such as, no AC Waiting Hall, VIP room, and no separate ladies and gents Waiting Halls, no proper circulating area, lack in proper parking facilities, were some of the crucial problems the station area was facing for a long time.

It had become essential to redevelop Udvada station in a better planned manner keeping in mind with the essential passenger amenities suitable for this pilgrimage destination. Under the redevelopment of Udvada station, Western Railway has provided AC waiting halls, toilets, LED lights, development of circulating area, station façade, platforms and Divyangjan facilities.

Following are the various works carried out by Western Railway which has transformed Udvada station:

1. New AC Waiting Halls, VIP Rooms, separate Waiting Halls from Ladies and Gents with modern facilities.

2. Platform No. 1 extended to accommodate 24-coach trains for easy entraining and detraining. The boundary wall along this platform was also extended for security purposes.

3. Construction of a new Reservation cum Booking Office.

4. New toilets for Ladies, Gents and Divyangjan with modern fittings.

5. Renovation of old seating arrangements and water booth on platforms.

6. A beautiful concourse hall with wall murals on one wall and cornice flower on ceiling.

7. Development of green patches for beautification of station area and circulating area.

8. Construction of two separate Entry & Exit Gate. Also redeveloping the circulating area with proper parking facilities.

Keeping in view of the Ministry of Railway’s directions to develop station with all modern facilities, the work of the makeover of Udvada Station was undertaken  to suit the needs of the passengers visiting this pilgrimage destination. A special care was taken to make all the facilities at station Divyangjan friendly. It is worth mentioning that a local architect was hired to design the station building’s façade similar to Zoroastrian architecture.


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