Installed at Churchgate station premises

After super success of short films “Plastic Hatela” and “Plastic Garba Song”, Western Railway has executed one more unique initiative by installing re-cycled plastic benches at Churchgate station premises. It is perhaps the 1st time that recycled plastic is used in a core passenger amenity on Indian Railway.

According to a press release issued by WR CPRO Ravinder Bhakar, WR’s contribution in ‘Swachch Rail – Swachch Bharat’ Abhiyan, now comes in an innovative, eco-friendly and fruitful way as benches made from recycled plastic have been placed at platform no 2/3 at north end side of Churchgate. These benches are outcome of collection of plastic in a drive held at WR under ‘Bottles for change’  Program in association with M/S Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. All 3 benches are placed at Churchgate station.

It is worth mentioning that, Western Railway participated in the awareness seminar on “Plastic Waste Management” under the ‘Bottles for change’ program held at Lower Parel and Mahalaxmi Workshop. Western Railway‘s staff participated enthusiastically in the sessions held at these workshop previously and clean plastic collection drives organized in the month of August & September of this year.

As an appreciation gesture, M/s Bisleri International Private Limited placed three benches made by recycled plastic as a part of its CSR initiative. ‘Bottles for Change’ is aimed to educate the public about  the importance of sending plastic objects for recycling and not to treat it as waste which leads to a cleaner environment.

As a part of social responsibility, WR took initiative “Bottles for Change” programme to educate citizen about the effective and the correct ways to dispose plastic in alignment with ‘Swachch Rail – Swachch Bharat’ Abhiyan. Currently “Bottles for Change” program is implemented in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai.

Process of making Recycled Plastic benches by Bottles for Change:
Recycled Plastic benches by Bottles for Change are made from post -consumer mix plastics i.e. MLP, Plastic bags/pouches and such soft plastics. The plastic is first shred into small pieces,  the shredded pieces spread  in a tray of required thickness and this tray is further fed into an oven and heated to particular temperature, then compressed and cooled to  form a  homogenize Board. The board of size 8 ft  x 4 ft is then cut in  a CNC machine into desired sizes and shapes and the bench is assembled. Approx. 40-50 Kg of soft plastic goes to making of one bench.  Having made from plastic, it is water proof and ideal for Outdoor locations.


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