Spreading the message of Swachh Rail…Swachh Bharat

With increasing emphasis on cleanliness Western Railway has been regularly conducting cleanliness drives to spread the message of Swachh Rail…Swachh Bharat. In continuation to this a special cleanliness drive has been launched at all stations and inside the trains from 2nd September 2019 for the next 10 days.

Intensive inspections of trains and stations are being undertaken by teams of officers and supervisors. Areas which are prone for uncleanliness are identified and effective action is being taken to get visible lasting improvement. Areas such as cover shed of platforms, sheets on either side of staircase which generally are stained with paanspits are being cleaned. Booking area, water huts and tracks are also being cleaned. Special emphasis is given on cleanliness and maintenance of toilets at stations and inside the trains.

The cleaning staff have been provided with protective gears and it is also ensured that cleaning tools and machines are available in the trains and on stations. Comprehensive cleanliness drive is being carried out with the coordination and cooperation of cleaning staff as well as railway officials. Suggestions and feedback from the passengers are also taken to ensure no laxity on the part of the cleaning staff.


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