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Putin announces military ops in Ukraine

Putin said the action comes in response to threats coming from Ukraine.

Putin announces military ops in Ukraine

In a massive escalation of threat, Russia's Putin announced a military operation in Ukraine, calling on Ukraine military to lay down its arms. Putin said the action comes in response to threats coming from Ukraine.

He added that Russia doesn't have a goal to occupy Ukraine. Putin said the responsibility for bloodshed lies with the Ukrainian regime. Putin warned other countries that any attempt to interfere with the Russian action would lead to consequences they have never seen.

He accused the US and its allies of ignoring Russia's demand to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO and offer Moscow security guarantees. He said the Russian military operation aims to ensure a demilitarisation of Ukraine. Putin said that all Ukrainian servicemen who lay down arms will be able to safely leave the zone of combat.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres pleaded with Putin to not send Russian troops against Ukraine and give peace a chance. Guterres opened an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council late Wednesday saying the day was full of rumours and indications that an offensive against Ukraine is imminent.

In the recent past, Guterres says he never believed rumours that Russia would invade Ukraine and was convinced that nothing serious would happen. But, he adds: "I was wrong, and I like not to be wrong again. So if indeed an operation is being prepared I have only one thing to say from the bottom of my heart: Stop your troops from attacking Ukraine. Give peace a chance. Too many people have already died."

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