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Major airstrike on Russian airfields destroyed helicopters, claims Ukraine

18 Oct 2023 5:48 AM GMT
The UK defense ministry said Russia's effort to overrun Avdiivka looks increasingly unlikely in the short term

US sends seized Iranian ammunition to Ukraine

5 Oct 2023 7:56 AM GMT
The Ukrainian military awaits more weapons and aid from the US and its Western allies

‘No immediate plans to deploy British troops to Ukraine’: UK PM Rishi Sunak

2 Oct 2023 7:45 AM GMT
Inorder to avoid a direct conflict with Russia, Britian and its allies has been distancing from a military presence in Ukraine

Ukraine tests homemade vehicle to speed up demining

20 Sep 2023 7:51 AM GMT
The damage is relatively minor considering the vehicle has just been tested on five anti-tank mines

Ukraine sacks 6 deputy defence ministers, defence secretary weeks after min’s dismissal

19 Sep 2023 8:23 AM GMT
According to reports, deputy defence ministers Hanna Maliar, Volodymyr Havrylov, Rostyslav Zamlynskyi, Denys Sharapov, Andrii Shevchenko, and Vitalii...

Ukraine says its forces retook Klishchiivka

18 Sep 2023 7:30 AM GMT
Zelenskyy in his evening address to the nation praised the soldiers fighting near Bakhmut

Pentagon says DU tank ammo being sent to Ukraine ‘harmless’

8 Sep 2023 7:42 AM GMT
The DU shells meant to pierce through the heavy armour of tanks are being sent to Ukraine to arm the Abrams tanks that will reach Ukraine this autumn

Three killed in Russia's overnight airstrikes across Ukraine

7 Aug 2023 4:59 AM GMT
According to reports, one of the air bombs was targeted at a blood transfusion centre in Kharkiv region

Russia: Wikipedia, Apple faces fine for spreading 'false information' about Ukraine conflict

4 Aug 2023 3:21 AM GMT
The same justice found Apple guilty of failing to delete podcasts and apps with such information and fined the company 400,000 rubles ($4,400)

Russia strikes Ukraine's port facilities, wheat prices rise by 4%

3 Aug 2023 3:14 AM GMT
Russia exited the Black Sea grain deal on July 17

Moscow airport briefly shut as Ukraine drone attack damages two buildings

30 July 2023 5:54 AM GMT
Moscow has held Kyiv responsible for the attack

Russia targets Ukraine's farm storage sites after days of hitting Black Sea port facilities

22 July 2023 5:07 AM GMT
Both Russia and Ukraine have announced they will treat ships traveling to each other's Black Sea ports as potential military targets