To mark the celebration of world heart day several activities were conducted at Parul University Campus. Zumba exercises, exhibition, awareness talk and many other programmes was held to spread the awareness.

The prevalence of heart diseases is on an alarming rise and the shift in age of disease onset is a major concern for all today. More and more young age people are getting affected by heart diseases.

In order to create awareness about simple measures to secure a healthy heart through regular exercise and healthy diet, activities like session of Zumba exercises was kept in the morning. Hundreds of students participated actively in this event.

An exhibition of heart healthy diet by students of Nutrition and Dietetics was organized in the campus and was visited by lot of visitors and students. They were counselled regarding adapting a healthy diet by consuming more of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, pulses and legumes in diet and avoid excessive salt and sugar in diet.

An awareness talk by the Cardiologist of Parul Sevashram Hospital, Dr Sanket Saraiyya was arranged for the students. A poster competition regarding heart diseases and their prevention was also organized.



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