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Why learning about technology no longer a luxury but a necessity?

Why learning about technology no longer a luxury but a necessity?

‘Technology is no longer a luxury but a necessity’, this phrase has caught the attention of all. It is the most evident truth these days. There were days when the mobile phone was not available and the phone connections were slow and congested, a person making a call and being able to actually reach the other person was a big deal. One had to trunk dial a person and wait for the connection to secure whereas today, we reach out to people with one click of our finger. That is how the world has changed today. Everything we see around us is digitally developed by advanced technology.

We all remember the first time when we held a phone on our hand; it felt amazing as if I were some kind of a treasure trove. Today, we don’t even feel the distant excitement when we see on. Gone are the days when we patiently waited for the mailman to bring a letter to us, today we get to see when the person has even read our texts. There is no privacy in our use of technology now. Everything around us has become very transparent and basic.

To elaborate the fact, let us divulge into why it is no longer luxury:

  • Online shops

Earlier we carried a bag to the market and purchased whatever was needed, from ration to clothing. Today there are plenty of online shops, which provide all the items that we need, even furniture.

  • Home delivery

Gone are the days when we waited to get a reservation at a good place. Nowadays there are plenty of applications of luxury eateries that deliver food to the doorstep in half an hour with no delivery charge.

  • Stock market

We do not go to the nearest broker’s office to get our investments done. With the emergence of the internet and various platforms, we can invest in whatever we like with our phones.

  • Bill payment/Recharge

When phones were getting available for everyone the phone booths disappeared. With the commencement of online recharge, users can simple log-in and enter their credentials and get their bills paid and recharge done.

  • Online banking

Long queues, crowded place and delay in work, these things made up to the banking experience. Now, with online banking right on our fingertips, every transaction is made easy. Tracking the activities of one’s financial status has gotten much better than what it was before.

With such a lot happening around us, learning about technology is not a luxury anymore. It is a necessity for all to lead a fruitful and easygoing life. Though it has made people lazier, it still has made a breakthrough in our world today.

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