Spread the message through Zumba and other fun activities

Election commission is taking every steps to spread awareness in people about using their voting rights for better future. From live demonstration to seminars, presentations and through many other mediums they are trying to involve people from every walk of life in the biggest celebration of festival of democracy.

Vadodara also witness such programmes on regular basis since the declarations of the election dates by the commission. Various associations also comes forward to spread the message with different mediums and try to involve as many people to use their voting rights.

Sujal Charitable trust on Sunday organise a voter fun street for voting awareness at the popular Akota Dandia Bazaar bridge. The idea is to spread the message effectively through programmes like Zumba and other fun activities. With voting awareness placards and banners the fun street managed to caught attention of the big crowd and spreading the message of voting for sure.


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