National Safety Day 2021

Nothing found suspicious took samples for testing

VMSS health department teams continues their checking inside the shops selling food items like Chikki, Jalebi, Undhiyu specially during the festival of Uttarayan. Total of five teams raid inside the shops and manufacturing units about the quality and also collected samples for testing. However the teams don’t find anything suspicious during the check.

About five teams of the health department went to areas like OP road, Waghodia road, Nizampura, Warasiya, Subhanpura, Harni road, Tarsali and Manjalpur and check the food items for quality and adulteration inside the shops and manufacturing units. They collected the suspicious samples from the spot and send them for lab testing.

Food inspector Jitendra Gohil said this time of the year is famous for delicacies like Chikki, Jalebi and Undhiyu and people rushed to the shops to purchase the items. To check the quality of the products their teams checked the shops and manufacturing units and collected samples from there. Action will be taken against the shops as per the reports after the testing.


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