Viral video of SSG security guards beat a patient’s relative came to light in Vadodara


Investigation underway

Sayaji Hospital in Vadodara has once again come under controversy after a video of security guard beating a patient’s relative came to light. The viral video showed the guard beating the person in public and also ran after another one who tried to intervene. 

The video of a security guard hitting a relative who took the patient to Sayaji Hospital has gone viral and spread an outrage in public against the security. 

In the video, a relative was standing near the surgical building of Sayaji Hospital with a woman, during which a security guard, who lost control of his mind due to some reason, took the law into his own hands and hit the youth with a stick. The young man was asking and the woman was screaming for help but the security guards continue to slapped and beat him with sticks.

Another security guard is spotted in a video running behind another young man who came with the relative.  This video reveals the reality of Laliyawadi running in Sayaji Hospital. The victims have demanded that legal action be taken against the security guards. 

Ranjan Aiyar, superintendent of Sayaji Hospital, said,  no complaint has been received from the victim of the attack so far.  However, based on the viral video, security personnel have been called and their statement has been taken. They says, the incident happened on Wednesday. Ultra sonography of critical patients is required as per the rules of hospitals.  So the security personnel were sending the patients as per the instructions of the doctors.

Meanwhile, a female patient also had to undergo sonography showed urgency and the security personnel told her to stand in line considering their duty. It is learned that there was a quarrel about this. Police have also started an investigation into the matter.  Action will be taken on the basis of the report received during the investigation.


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