Roads submerged water enter inside basements

All the main roads is Vadodara are waterlogged as the city record 6 inches (147mm) rainfall till 5pm as per the report. The water entered inside the basements of the complex and damaged the things inside. The shopkeepers started to move the things to safer places as the showers getting heavier with each passing minute.

Since afternoon the Vadodara city is receiving heavy rains and all the main toads are waterlogged with waste deep water. Vehicles movement stopped and many of them stuck inside the water as the flow gets heavier. A 108 ambulance also get stuck inside the water at Raopura road and people pushed it and help the driver to get out and move further.

Police department also get alert due to the heavy rains and stopped the vehicle riders to move into the water as part of precautionary measures. Many of the people moves out of their homes and enjoyed the rain.


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