With help of Laser speed guns fined 105 people for violating the speed limits

Vadodara traffic police collected fine of 42,000 from over speeding drivers in the city. The teams with the help of Laser speed guns fined 105 people for violating the speed limits decided by police department.

Based on the notification by the police commissioner the traffic department on Monday started their campaign to caught the over speeding vehicles inside the city limits. The teams decides the speed limit to 40kmph for the Light Motor vehicles and under. While the limit is set to 30kmph for the heavy vehicles.

Based on the notification the traffic police department with the help of laser speed guns caught the over speeding drivers at Maharani Nursing Home crossing, Sardar Estate crossing and Harni road areas. The team with the help of pics as proof caught 105 drivers and collected fine of 42,000 from them on the spot.

As per the notification the City limit speed limit will be 40kmph and on Highway the drivers can drive till 50kmph. The speed limit for the heavy vehicles will be 30kmph, for medium, ligh and two wheelers the speed limit will be 40kmph.

Vadodara police decide the speed limit of the vehicles on city roads and highways. The road from Fajalpur bridge GSFC Jambuva Bypass NH8 speed limit is 50km, GSFC till Chhani Jakat Naka, Baroda dairy, Tarsali village, Lalbaug gate, Vishwamitri bridge, Akshar chowk, OP Road, Race course circle, Sarabhai crossing, Shastri bridge, Utkarsh Petrol pump, VIP road, Harni Golden Chowkdi, Karelibaug Water tank to ring road, Ajwa and Waghodia crossing speed limit is 40kmph.

Chhani toll plaza, Nizampura, Fatehgunj circle, Kalaghoda circle, jail road, Indira Avenue road, Lalbaug crossing, Station road, Jetalpur road, Akota road, Gotri road, Gorwa road, Karelibaug road and Ropura road, Nyaymandir, Dandia Bazaar, Rajmahal road, Siddhnath road, Vinoba Bhave road, R.C. Dutt road and other areas the limit is 40kmph.

The traffic department decide the speeds of heavy vehicles to 30kmph, medium vehicles 40kmph, Light vehicles 40kmph and two wheeler speed to 40kmph


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