Will take action against the violation beyond permissible limit at day and night time

Gujarat government and environment department issued strict guidelines to the police department to control noise pollution in their jurisdiction. Vadodara police also follows the same and limit the leak in various areas at day and night time.

The department published a instructions guide for the police department to implement the law regarding noise pollution strictly to make sure the elderly, ill, students and hospitals don’t get affected. After the instructions the Vadodara police department purchase proper equipments and also train their staff to use it effectively.

As per the notification the police department will use the equipments to measure the sound leak and check the permissible limit in industrial and silent areas. The DJ proves to be spreading more noise pollution and people often complained of uneasiness due to loud music. In such case the police department can register the case immediately and take action.

The leak of the sound is categorised as per industrial, business, home and silent areas and limit is set for morning and night time. Police department is strictly following the guidelines about the noise pollution and issued notification in this regard.



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