Concentrating on Solar energy to the maximum at their facilities

GAIL India Limited is now concentrating on using Solar energy to the maximum and installing solar panels at their facilities. In Gujarat they are in the process to change the existing pipeline network in view of the safety of the people and also develop their City Gas Distribution network.

Speaking on the future plans of the company Chief General Manager Mukesh Kumar Tiwari said the company is expanding its base in Gujarat and all across India. They are also moving to retails, CGD and LNG network. He further said that Gail is working on renewable business and towards a green tomorrow.

“In Gujarat we are in process to replacing the existing pipeline network to ensure the safety of the people and increase the life of our connections. Secondly we are expanding our LPG pipeline in Jamnagar as part of our future plans,” said Tiwari.

About the CGD he said Gail is in joint venture with Baroda Gas and ready to help the other companies in connectivity. Baroda gas has their own plan and many other companies like Sabarmati Gas, Adani, Torrent also has plans for gas distribution and they are ready to help them in connectivity wherever they need.

He put focus on using solar energy to the maximum by their plants and in the process to install solar panels at their facilities. “Solar energy is a eco friendly resource and till date we are not using it at our facilities. In the afternoon we can store it to the fullest and also utilise it instantly in comparison to wind energy which we get either in the morning or evening,” said Tiwari.

About the green fuel he said the traditional fuels like coal, petrol and diesel release more pollution in the air in comparison to the gas. The fuels will not be there forever but to increase the use of gas lead to clean tomorrow.


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