First of its kind event in Vadodara

Social media is such a strong platform that in today’s busy life we can get in touch with friends and people who try to give a new dimension to this virtual world. One such topic is bonding over food where people get to know the delicacies of a particular city and make it a point to meet over a plate of their favorite dish.

Vadodara the cultural city of Gujarat witness one such first of its kind meet where food enthusiasts including reviewers and bloggers came together for Vadodara Facebook Foodies Meet. On January 19 the foodies met at Bong Flavours, a traditional Bengali food serving restaurant nestled inside the lanes of the heart of Vadodara – Alkapuri.

Brain child of food critic Tuli Banerjee the event is the first of its kind in the city where people get a chance to meet their friends they only know through social media.
“The idea was to meet and get to know each other and make it an event. While Facebook foodie meets of this kind are very popular internationally but here in Vadodara it’s kind of a novelty,” saysTuli Banerjee, who organised the first Vadodara Facebook Foodies Meet.

More than 12 food lovers participated in the first meet, using the occasion to familiarise themselves with people whom they had known only by their Facebook posts, besides offering advice and feedback to one another. Some even used the platform to share ideas to make the event bigger and spread its reach in coming days. Banerjee, who is also a relationship counsellor, says she wants the passion of the foodies to remain alive and not get drowned in the market of selfies and virtual world.

“I love clicking food pictures from different angles and this meet was a brilliant opportunity to try my hands on a new variety of food dishes,” says Shweta Mehta, a food enthusiast and a digital media strategist.

“All of us belong to different fields, but one thing that connects us all is that we are all passionate about food – though some of us just don’t write or post on food,” adds Banerjee.


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