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    Vadodara doctor invited to Shakti Vandana program at CM residence on Thursday

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    On Thursday 6 working women doctors from Ahmedabad, Surat, Bhavnagar, Mehsana and Vadodara, who have done a great job as Corona Warriors in government hospitals in the state, were called for the Shakti Vandana program at Chief Minister residence on the occasion of Navratri.

    Inspired by the Chief Minister of Gujarat, the unique celebration of Shakti Aradhana Parva Navratri is being held at his residence through the Shakti Vandana program. This is to salute the women power and honour them for their untiring efforts.

    Under this program of Shakti Vandana, the Chief Minister interacts with women personalities who have inspired the entire society and especially the women community by leading the way in different fields.  Thus, the inspirational saga of these influential women is being presented before the state.

    From Vadodara Dr. Pinal Raj Bumiya, an anesthetist at Sayaji Hospital was also one of them who shared her experience while working in Covid ward and thanked the CM for taking note of it.

    The mother of a two-year-old innocent baby, she has been involved in ICU care for critically ill patients since the beginning of the Corona pandemic.  During this time she has twice been self-infected with the virus and has been fearlessly returning to Corona patients.

    During this time they have to stay away from their young child and their family from time to time for their safety. She has chosen to be almost alone to ensure safety of her family and neighbors. Thus, by prioritizing duty, she have been periodically separated from home, family and society. Now in December she will once again be on duty in the ICU of Corona Ward.

    She said to be performed her duties in Sayaji Hospital, Government Hospital in Ahmedabad and GMERS and Gotri. Dr. Pinal said that their main task is to provide ventilator care to the patients undergoing treatment in Covid ICU.  They have to work with the formulation of medical strategies on how to rescue these critically ill patients from ventilator treatment.

    She added, even during non-covid duty, they have to manage anesthesia if the Covid patient is pregnant and if any injured is Corona positive and has to undergo surgery. So from the beginning of the Covid pandemic to till today she is involved with Covid Care to the patients.

    Of all the doctors and nursing staff they have worked with, her child is only two years old and the youngest. But all of them have shown a commitment to live away from their children and families for their safety.

    Someone in the society has criticised that she is not a good mother as having such a small child she is sticking to her duties. Most of the people have applauded their devotion to prioritizing duty. However, regardless of criticism or praise, they are doing the work of taking care of the Covid patients.

    The people in the neighborhood are also shocked to know that I work in Covid ward and showing a little bit of dislike and protest. But she think their reaction is natural. Given the current climate of fear of Covid, she take their attitude instinctively.  Although she have been careful not to let anyone else feel the transition and lives alone and away from everyone for as long as she can.

    She said to be encouraged by the fact that the Chief Minister of the State has taken note of the work. Dr. Pinal thanked Vijay Rupani for his deep respect for women’s power by inviting her to this program. While Navratri is a festival of adoration of Mother Shakti, I am very grateful to him for organizing this event and meeting Corona’s dutiful person like me face to face,” she added.

    Dr. Pinal has contributed to ventilator care and anesthesia care for more than 70 patients during Covid and non-covid duties. She says, I am grateful to my colleagues in the Department of Anesthesia, Dean of Baroda Medical College, Medical Superintendent of Sayaji Hospital, my resident doctors and staff for their cooperation during my covid or non-covid duties.

    Dr. who is working as an anesthetist at Sayaji Hospital in Vadodara, was honored as a Corona warrior in the Shakti Vandana program at the residence of the Chief Minister at Gandhinagar. She has expressed the feeling that educate daughters a lot and raise them in a way that makes them strong for a strong nation. She said that the society should respect every woman.

    Indian culture has identified women as a force to be reckoned with. Such programs are necessary for the spirit to become widespread in the society.

    Corona is a unforeseen health crisis and in saving lives and health of the people in this crisis, Gujarat cannot forget the contribution of the entire medical community and health workers, including Dr. Pinal.


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