Appealed everyone for not mislead with rumours and vaccinate their children

Vadodara collector Shalini Agrawal on Saturday took her children to health centre for Rubella vaccination like the other kids. She appealed to everyone like a housewife for not mislead with the rumours and safe their children with the vaccination.

The government is running the Rubella vaccination drive all across the state for the children age between 6 months to 15 years. But there are rumours about the deaths due to vaccination which spread a fear in the minds of parents and they hesitate to take their children to the centres. After many Clarifications by the administration the fear is still there in the minds of the people.

However many parents take their children for vaccination inspite of all the rumours and make the drive a successful one. On Saturday the district collector Shalini Agrawal also took her children to Diwalipura Urban Health Centre and vaccinate them.

She said the vaccine is important for the children for their health and the government pledge to end Auri Rubella from the country till 2022. She appealed the people for not mislead by the rumours and take their children to the centres for vaccination.


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