Will give the location of the policemen in between the crowd and show their presence

Tightening their security in view of the upcoming Muharram and Ganpati Visarjan, Vadodara city police procured 150 LED shoulder beacon flasher lights to be used during the immersion processions. The lights will give the location of the policemen in between the crowd and show their presence.

Probably the first in state of Gujarat, the beacon lights will help the police to patrol the interior lanes in sensitive areas during festivals. Currently police using this facility during Ganpati and Moharram bandobast.

“It has great effect in crowd and also the presence of the policemen is visible from far. The beacons on the shoulders can help monitor the location of the cops in crowd. The processions are out mostly in the night and the beacons help to locate them in the dark and review the security. It also help the people to identify the cops and gives them the sense of security in need. The beacons on shoulders also will help to patrol in narrow lanes and interiors where the police jeeps not able to enter. Apart from all it gives the miscreants to think twice before do something wrong,” said DCP Zone 4 Saroj Kumari.

Presently the Vadodara police use the facility of beacon lights on shoulders for bandobast during the two festivals. The beacons put on shoulders by the cops is a unique step as part of the bandobast and recieved good response.


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