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An ill fated incident turned a 36 year old youth from Vadodara to develop an app to help the accident victims. ‘Accident Notification’ the app will send instant notifications to the victim’s relatives which help them to reach on time.

Four years ago Kushal Kapadia lost his brother in law in a freak accident near Tarapur. At that time they received the news after five to six hours post accident. That strikes the mind of Kushal and he then develops the app to help relatives of the victim get in touch in case of accident emergency.

“I was in deep shock after learned about the death of my brother in law several hours after the accident. The one thing strikes me was the missing medium of communication and hence I decide to develop the app to help the relatives and concerned registered people with details of the accident,” said Kushal.

Kapadia an innovator and entrepreneur has designed the application called “Accident Notification” probably first of its kind in India to help the accident victims. With this application anyone who is nearby at the accident spot can share the details to the concerned people and to the victim’s family members.

“It is very simple app available on Google Play store, with a very easy user interface.
App has two menu buttons “HELP OTHERS” and “HELP ME”. If you are
on the deserted highway and see some accident, you can help the victims. You
just have to fill few details in the “HELP OTHERS” form such as Vehicle type,
Vehicle number, accident image and you can also share whether an ambulance
arrives or not and your phone will note your exact GPS location after you will
turn on the location. With all these information, notification will be send to the victim’s family members if they are registered user otherwise the details will be uploaded on the
app website ““.,” Said Kushal.

He also added if the victim is a registered user of the application, instant notification will be sent to the victim’s family members whose number have been mentioned by the victim.

The application is designed to run on the Android devices. The app will easily
work Android “KitKat 4.4” versions and all above versions of Android. “The App will help the victim’s family members to track the incident place. Police officials and journalists can also check the details of a major accident. Accurate information can be helpful in such crisis situation for everyone,” says Kapadia.

The application Accident Notification” will be really useful for the truck drivers
who stay away from families for days as this app can run without internet and
give instant information about accident any part of India. Moreover, if the victim’s family members are not registered users, still they can check location and other information on ““. The data provided by the user on this application is safe, as it will not be
displayed anywhere.

Furthermore Kushal is trying to introduce some more features in the application like give day to day information about the accident vehicles based on their registration number and SMS notification to the people don’t registered with the website.



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