Offers unique technology to capture the free flowing moisture in air and converts into safe drinking water

Gujarat is facing water shortage problem in many areas where people has to walk miles to fetch water for their daily needs. The problem is due to excessive heat in summer, low rain and other natural factors which add to the woes of the people. In such situation a Vadodara based company designed a product turn the air into water and can be effective in areas facing scarcity.

Under Make In India the product A2W Air to drinking water seems to be a promising one. Made by the machine turn the humidity in the air to turn it into water by using simple science in a package. After the R&D they launched the product on Monday in Vadodara with a demo at Information Department.

“We are not using any rocket science just the simple concept into a package. It works on simple principle of recovering the moisture available in air and converting it into clean and safe drinking water. Water drawn from moisture in atmosphere is most pure form of water as it has evaporated of the earth surface due to heat and is in state of moisture which happens much beyond boiling point. In view of the same possibility of any impurity is completely ruled out and is very safe for drinking at any point of time. We use ceramic filters and then Ozonisation process to get the clean water to drink,” said Vinay Sharma CEO of the company.

The company are making a conscious attempt to present most sustainable source of water- Water from Air. “It offers unique technology to capture the free flowing moisture in air and converts into safe drinking  water for home, office and public places. We at “DNI-Global” tried to preserve the water being lost, evaporated and gone with most innovative water recovery system for drinking water. This system can make WATER available for drinking all through the year and at any location without being connected to water source. The standard system is offered with 20 liters storage capacity and can be scaled to any size, capacity and or source of energy; such as solar. The complete unit can be made to operate purely hybrid on natural power too,” said Sharma.

The machine has the capacity to produce water without being connected to any form of water source and capability to work in extreme conditions without any conventional power source. It can be installed in remote villages, remote defense posts, and on vehicles of defense forces to ensure they never run out of drinking water in any scenario.

It is simple, safe and scalable equipment and can be made available for any application of drinking water.



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