Vadodara Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) caught Gotri police station starts proceedings to arrest PI Dilipsinh Rao and constable Nitin Prajapati in a matter of taking bribe from a company owner for settlement of case. The accused asked for one lakh bribe from the company owner and he gives 30,000 to PI Rao and 5000 to constable Prajapati and later gives the complainant in the ACB office.

As per details given by ACB PI S.P. Kahar a account manager of the company cheated the company and the owner gives a application against him in Gotri police station. The case was investigated by police constable Nitin Prajapati.

Police Inspector Dilipsinh Rao called both the company owner and account manager to the police station on 4th April 2019 and settles the matter. He asked for 1 lakh as settlement amount and that time the owner gives 30,000 to PI Rao and 5000 to constable Prajapati.

Meanwhile the friend of company owner gives compliant in the ACB with enough proof against the Gotri police station PI and constable for taking bribe in settlement of case. The ACB PI began investigation and after the proof registered the case and starts the proceedings to arrest both in the matter.


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