Tuition Waiver and Credit Transfer for 77 students of Parul University

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    Students pursuing their full semester studies abroad

    Vadodara based Parul University has been extensively creating various avenues  for global opportunities with an aim to provide students with a comprehensive international exposure. With the help of international corporations, the University has been providing an array of research collaborations, faculty mobility and student exchange programs. In addition Parul University also kept in consideration about academically talented students with financial disabilities. 

    In this regard, the University has been facilitating and providing  channels which have been offering these budding students the full funding and financing to benefit from these opportunities. The countless efforts of the University’s International Relations Cell, have been facilitating platforms for Indian students to experience a global exposure during the course of their academics.

    With the passage of time, Parul University’s semester exchange programs have seen a rising demand amongst the students expressing their desire to study a significant part of their curricular abroad. As a way of ensuring the maximum benefit for both the financially capable and incapable students, the University in its own capacity or through partnering with leading academic organisations, has been providing full tuition waivers for  deserving students. 

    In line with these semester exchange programs, a total of 11 students will be visiting Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland. This diverse student group will be pursuing an array of programs in the fields of Architecture , CSE, Mechanical, and IT. Maximising its educational networks in Poland, the University will also be sending another group of 10 students to Poznan University of Technology, Poznan based learning Institution for yet another semester exchange program where the students will be studying their Masters in Business Administration.

    Another group of 9 students will be venturing to Technische Hochschule Aschaffenburg, Germany, one of Parul University’s long standing partners where they will be studying the various elements of mechanical engineering. As a way of enhancing their business competencies, 2 students of Parul University are scheduled to visit another one of the University’s German partners, Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences, to pursue a course in the field of Business Administration. 

    In addition a group of 5 students will be taking part in another semester exchange program at Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics Russia. Under this full credit course the students will get the lifetime opportunity of studying Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology for a Russian perspective. 

    The widening scope of globalisation, coupled with the evolving technology and digitization, has made Europe an ideal practical learning destination for some of the modern and advanced technologies. Following this understanding Parul University has been strategically utilising these global student exchange platforms, as a way of ensuring that the technical student base, remains apt and up to date with some of these modern technologies. In line with this, 4 students will also be studying the elements of electronics and communication for a period of 4 months, in the Meditarian Island of Cyprus. While another group of 3 students, will receive the opportunity of pursuing their administrative and management studies at Czech Technical University, Prague.

    In addition, Parul University’s partnership with leading Universities across Lithuania has also created for the students a plethora of opportunities to explore the various fields of learning opportunities the nation has to offer. In line with this a total of 26 students, from the month of February to the month of June, will be travelling to Vilniaus Kolegija University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania for semester exchange program. The students will be pursuing a plethora of programs in the fields of Arts, Design, Computer Science Engineering and Business Administration. 

    “The semester exchange programs which we have been facilitating specifically for our students have been designed to provide them with a prolonged academic experience, which will edify whatever they would have learnt here in Parul University”, said the University’s Head of International Relations, Dr Preeti Nair. 

    In the field of architecture, an additional group of 4 students will be studying the essence of Portuguese architecture, as a way of learning and mastering its ancient and modern heritage under Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal.

    Beyond the scope of regular academics, these semester exchange programs have proceeded to include research oriented opportunities, allowing students to explore endless academic breakthroughs. In furtherance of this, two students, one pursuing his Phd research and another carrying out his masters project in electronics and communication will be visiting Belgium under the mentorship of experts at the University of Mons. 

    On completion of their programs students will also be receiving a full credit transfer for their coursework abroad. “It is indeed a matter of pride to have so many of our students in Parul University, being granted a total tuition waiver to take part in such global programs. Our partnerships with programs such as the  ERASMUS under European Union amongst other Institutions has also created avenues academic benefit for our students” said the University’s President Dr Devanshu Patel.


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