National Safety Day 2021

Others put allegations on Baranpura members for torture and threatening

A transgender (Kinnar) Akash alias Arti committed suicide in Vadodara by hanged herself from the cieling. Other members put allegations on the Baranpura members for torture which leads Arti to take the extreme step.

Akash alias Arti Kunwarba Jayantibhai 19 lives in block 22 in Kishanwadi Vuda houses committed suicide on Tuesday night with the dupatta inside her house. However the other members raise doubt on the death and put allegations of the Baranpura members.

Leader Joya Kunwar said and put allegations on the Baranpura members for torturing Arti and that leads to her suicide. She said they are earlier the part of Baranpura but separate from them two years ago. She said they make their living by moving socities and accept what people gives, but are threatened by the Baranpura members until they become associated to them.

Transgender Joya Kunwar further put allegations for torturing and threatening by the Baranpura members and that leads to the sucide by Arti Kunwar. She also allege that earlier Mona Kunwar, Munni Kunwar and Manisha Kunwar from Baranpura committed suicide due to the same torture by them.

They demand strict action against the accused and threaten to intensify their stir in coming days. Police registered the case and further investigating in the matter.



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