Teams from Vadodara and Delhi joined the rescue operation in Rajasthan

Total of 8 NDRF Teams are deployed in Rajasthan in view of the flood situation arises in the state. The teams are deployed at Kota, Dhaulpur, Bundi, Patan areas where flood situation arised due to heavy rain and continuous release of water from different dams.

As per details given by R.K. Mishra Deputy Commandant and PRO 6 BN, in Rajasthan due to heavy rains the dams are overflowing and water is released to maintain the level. Gandhi Sagar gets
Inflow of 553195 cusecs and discharge of 553195 cusec, Rana Pratap Sagar gets Inflow of 678958 cusec and discharge of 665890 cusec, Jawahar Sagar had Inflow of 690230 cusec and discharge of 680400 cusec, Kota Bairaj had Inflow of 680000 cusec and discharge of 694473 cusec and Mahi Bajaj Sagar gets Inflow of 70387 cusec with discharge of 87793 cusecs of water.

The team evacuated a total of around 400 people from affected areas to safety. NDRF teams moved from vadodara on Saturday mid night as more teams were required. Three teams from Delhi also joined in rescue operation running under command of Amar Singh Chauhan Deputy Commandant stationed at Ajmer. Entire resue operation in Rajasthan is closely being monitored by Unit commandant Rakesh Singh Joon.


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