Use Graffiti art to showcase the concept of urbanisation

Three pass outs from MSU Fine Arts faculty is spreading the message about of effects of urbanisation through their art. The trio is busy in designing the walls of Phool Bagan Metro station in Kolkata and gives a message to the people about the effects on nature.

Bhavsing Bambhaniya, Anirban Nandi and Avinash Kumar all pass outs from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Vadodara are busy in designing the four walls outside the station. The trio use the Graffiti art form to design the walls taking the concept of urbanisation. Two of the walls are 40 feet in height and 25 feet width and other two are 40 feet high and 60 feet wide. They complete the two walls and working on the third wall there.

“We are working on the concept of urbanisation and its effect on the flora and fauna of the city. We choose the living objects in our work to present the art effectively and give the clues to the viewers to relate with them. On first sight the viewers can feel the living object is coming out of the urban jungle,” said Bambhaniya.

The artists use Graffiti art with bright colours in their work using high quality paint to decorate the walls. They first draw the miniature version and then work directly on the huge walls. This type of work is organised for the first time in Kolkata.

“The Graffiti work is going on for the first time here and surprised the on lookers here. They often stand there below watching us in our work using bright colours. The most amazing part is the living objects we use in our work comes popping out of the wall on the first sight. We complete two walls till now and working on to complete the remaining twp,” said Bambhaniya.

Bhavsing Bambhaniya and Anirban Nandi completed Masters in painting and Avinash Kumar pass out as Masters in Applied Arts from MSU Baroda. In their work they use live objects in the form of animals and birds to spread their message of urbanisation.

“We use Deer in our first wall followed by the image of fish in the second one. The remaining two walls will have the images of Tiger and Macaw giving the live effect to the concept,” said Bambhaniya.




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