Around 50 futuristic models on display based on various technologies

Underground cable fault detector, automatic vehicle washer, water engine to run two wheeler, Green India multipurpose vehicle along with 50 other projects are on display in the RMS Polytechnic college near Vadodara. The projects are based on futuristic designs based on our needs and gives an edge above all.

RMS Polytechnic in is buzzing with activities for three days as the students are celebrating their annual technical and cultural event called Innowiz 2019. Students of various departments displays their projects on various subjects gives a futuristic touch. The projects are based on our daily needs and step towards a greener tomorrow.

The water engine to run two wheeler is one of the interesting projects on display by the students of mechanical engineering. The Hydrogen engine works on water where the students fill 3 liters of water and mix 50gm Silicon Carbide pieces and after five minutes Hydrogen will generate. They fit two filters of ‘Kapur’ in the machine to extract carbide and the Hydrogen will run the two wheeler.

One more project is a automatic vehicle washer prepared by Mechanical department students with estimated cost of 18000. They use the submersible pump generally used in homes to distribute the water to the washers and with help of remote the water sprayed onto the vehicle to wash it. The design can be modified and the washer can be turned automatic.

The underground cable fault detector can be useful for the VMSS and the companies involved in laying underground cables network in the city. Programmed by the students the machine can detect the fault accurately and help the teams to excavate at the perfect place without troubling the citizens.

The Green India multipurpose vehicle runs on renewable energy operate in various functioning systems like road cleaning, watering, trimming and many others works carries out by the municipality. Novel wind turbine, tender coconut water extractor and cutting machine,  beach cleaning machine, traffic signal and department notification alerting are some of the interesting projects on display in the event.

The students of Architecture,  Mechanical, Civil, Plastic, Computer, Electrical,  Mechanical and Chemical engineering departments displayed their projects with futuristic design. Some of the projects are also get recognition in the national level events.

The RMS Polytechnic also get the award of best Polytechnic in Gujarat by the Integrated Chamber of Commerce and Industry Delhi recently.


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