Theft inside Jain temple in Vadodara accused decamped with lakhs of rupees

National Safety Day 2021

whole incident captured on cctv

Theft inside the Jain temple (Jinalaya) at Mahavir hall in Vadodara shocked the devotees as the accused stole lakhs of rupees from inside. The whole incident was captured in the cctv and police further investigate and search for the accused in the matter based on the footage.

As per the details on Friday night one person entered inside the Jinalaya situated in front of Mahavir hall at Ajwa road after broke the main door lock. He then broke the three donation box and decamp with the cash kept inside.

The whole incident was captured in the cctv where the person seems to be slim wearing spectacle. The administration of the jinalaya shocked to see the theft inside and informed the trustees.

The trustee Mahendra Bhai then informed the Panigate police station and they reached the spot and began investigating after get the cctv footage. Mahendra bhai said that it’s difficult to tell the exact amount but must be in lakhs.


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