Speakers from various field share their expertise with students

Speakers from various fields will share their expertise and experience to the students at the TEDx event going to be held on 9th September Sunday. Padmabhooshan Prof. Srinath Reddy,guitarist Benny Prasad, legendary actor Mukesh Rishi, Major D.P. Singh, Swami Gyanvatsal Swami, Ashwin Ramesh, Yash Vasant and Jay Alani will give motivational speeches in the event.

The theme of TEDxMSUniversityofBaroda 2018 is ’ENVISIONING TOMORROW’ the team bring together the smartest & most innovative minds from across the country to inspire the students and choose their careers smartly.

The speaker’s in the TEDx are masters in their field and will deeply focus on the subject. Padmabhooshan Prof. Shrinath Reddy trained in cardiology and epidemiology involved in many research studies and will focus on the same.

Benny Prasad a instrumental guitarist holds the world record for being the fastest man ever to visit all 195 countries in the world. He performed before presidents and parliamemts, before crowds of 2007 military world games, 2006 FIFA world cup and 2004 Olympic games. Won recognition of two guitars – worlds first bongo guitar and 54 string guitar.

Major D.P. Singh retired Army officer a Kargil war veteran is India’s first blade runner. Surgeons declared him dead but managed to save him after amputing his leg. Marathon runner and with prosthetic limb run.


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