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Spotify testing new TikTok inspired remix feature

The news comes from a recent report from the Wall Street Journal

Spotify testing new TikTok inspired remix feature

Spotify, the popular music streaming platform is working on a new TikTok-inspired feature that would allow users to remix songs.

The news comes from a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, the platform will allow users to “speed up, mash-up, and otherwise edit” songs from their favourite artists that can also be saved for listening later on.

While these music editing features may be only available under a new paid tier called ‘Music Pro’, the report suggests that discussions about the new tools are still in the early stages and licensing agreements are still being worked out.

In screenshots shared , the new feature shows different mixing tools, some of which allow users to “flex their DJ skills with different transition styles to create the ultimate mix”, and “set the vibe for your mix” by letting users filter songs by genres, activities, moods and other things.

The app code also suggests that users will be able to use new mixing tools that “quickly blends in the next track to keep the energy going”, “maximizes overlap for layered and immersive blend of tracks” and “instantly switches from one track to another for high impact.”

Moreover, it looks like users will also be able to insert and edit transitions between tracks and change parameters like beats per minute and “danceability”.

Instead of targeting subscribers who have experience mixing songs, the new Spotify features will also include new tools that “automatically reorders your mix by sequencing tracks with a similar key, tempo and style together”, “choose how to order your mix, or select auto order to have Spotify sequence it for you.”

In the last few years, the trend of speeding up music has gained massive popularity, with TikTok’s 2023 year-end report suggesting that the most popular songs on the app were sped-up remixes.

It looks like Spotify’s music editing features are still under development, but it is still unclear if and when Spotify plans to release the new music editing features to everyone.

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