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Spotify testing new TikTok inspired remix feature

14 April 2024 9:54 AM GMT
The news comes from a recent report from the Wall Street Journal

US House passes TikTok ban bill

13 March 2024 5:01 PM GMT
The lawmakers voted 352 in favour of the proposed law and 65 against, in a rare moment of bipartisan unity in politically divided Washington

TikTok Launches online shopping in the US

16 Sep 2023 12:42 PM GMT
TikTok is bringing online shopping through a series of features on its main app

Britain bans TikTok on government devices over security concerns

17 March 2023 7:17 AM GMT
The ban brings the UK in line with the US, Canada and the European Union (EU) and also India which banned TikTok entirely from the country

Canada bans TikTok on all government devices

28 Feb 2023 7:16 AM GMT
The concerns are related to the short-form video-sharing platform’s owner ByteDance, which is based in China and amid new security norms

Bill to ban TikTok in US reflects growing concerns in Congress

11 Feb 2023 8:26 AM GMT
Lawmakers and experts have raised questions about whether that setup would successfully keep the data from leaking to China

TikTok denies it could be used to track US citizens

21 Oct 2022 8:25 AM GMT
The firm also says it does not collect precise location data from US users

TikTok suspends live streaming and new video content in Russia

7 March 2022 9:11 AM GMT
TikTok has suspended live streaming and the posting of new content to their platform from Russian users as a response to Russia’s new ‘fake news’

Government to prohibit 54 Chinese apps that create a national security risk

14 Feb 2022 7:29 AM GMT
Since June 2020, the Centre has banned around 224 Chinese apps, beginning with about 59 in the first round

Despite the ban in India, TikTok has overtaken Google as the most popular website

25 Dec 2021 8:49 AM GMT
According to Cloudflare, TikTok has surpassed Google as the most popular website of the year

Instagram increases time duration of Reels

28 July 2021 7:17 AM GMT
After seeing an increase in people's interest in making Reels on Instagram, the social media application has now announced that users can create 60...

TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer quits after President Trump threatens to ban the app in the US

27 Aug 2020 6:01 AM GMT
TikTok chief Kevin Mayer has quit just after four months of being the chief executive. Mayer sent out a letter to all employees announcing his...