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Technology and Its Greatest Inventions till Date

Technology and Its Greatest Inventions till Date

Inventions and human civilization is either end of a coin. Both run hand in hand, and so long the human civilization will grow, new things will be invented. Most probably, the history of the invention was started from fire and from then, the tradition is going on and on. The modern age began its journey with the technological advancement which has taken the human civilization to some other level. From the last decade to till date, lots of technological inventions have taken place which has made the life of human beings a lot easier. But, there are certain inventions which are exclusive, and a lot more effective than others. Those are as follows-

Top 4 Greatest Inventions Of 21st Century

1. Cell Phones

You can’t ignore the fact that your life will be disturbed a lot if you can’t find your cell phone for a while. Today, this is not just a phone, but a mini computer that follows the command of your fingers and voice too. Apart from meeting its first criteria, making communication easier, the smart cell phones perform lots of tasks today. You can read books here, shop, watch television and what not!

2. GPS System

Are you not attending your friend’s wedding as you don’t know the place or direction how to reach there? This is such a backdated idea. Today, if you have GPS (Global Positioning System) in your car or mobile, you can reach anywhere, everywhere. This is one of the greatest technological inventions till date.

3. Microwave Oven

Not only the bigger sectors, but technology has also improved your lifestyle within your house. You know it very well how helpful this device is. The invention of microwave has made it easy to prepare your meal faster while you can do other works. You can feel the greatness of this invention at your office hour!

4. Pen Drives

No more stacking CDs or DVDs separately. If you have a pen drive with more storage capacity, you don’t need to depend on bigger devices as those only occupy space. You can store anything, like music, songs, movies, pictures and several other things in your pen drive and transfer those documents to your computer or laptop.

Apart from these, there are lots of amazing technological things that have made life easier. Internet, remote control, video communication, DSLR camera and lot more things which are amazing. Living in a technological era will be easier if you become a little bit tech-freak.

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