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Ten day Karuna campaign 2021 ends on 20th January

22 Jan 2021 3:20 AM GMT
1468 birds animals treated 37 birds died On the eve of Uttarayan, with the inspiration of the Chief Minister and under the jeevdaya policy of the...

Wing of a gray leg goose cut off and rare horned owl also injured during Uttarayan

15 Jan 2021 8:18 AM GMT
Cows fell ill after eating ghughari: 174 birds were injured and 61 cattle fell ill on the day of Uttarayan Informing that the wing of a foreign guest...

One youth died after came in contact with deadly kite string in Vadodara

15 Jan 2021 6:32 AM GMT
3 killed and 40 injured in various incidents on Uttarayan day In a shocking incident the deadly kite string once again killed a bike rider on the day...

Rescue trusts help injured birds back to normal during Uttarayan in Vadodara

14 Jan 2021 8:59 AM GMT
Uttarayan is at its best and people are enjoying the kite festival with their families following the government guidelines. However the festival is...

VMSS food teams conduct checking at 32 places in view of Uttarayan

13 Jan 2021 9:33 AM GMT
Took 72 samples of Chikki and Undhiya, issued notices to 7 traders On the occasion of Uttarayan festival, the VMSS Food Department carried out...

Forest department to set 50 treatment centres in Vadodara for treatment of injured birds during Uttarayan

9 Jan 2021 4:04 AM GMT
Request people not to touch any dead bird and informed forest department or a veterinarian With corona becoming deadly to humans, the disease called...
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