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Tosa combines art and tech at New York Fashion Week

1 Jan 2024 4:02 PM GMT
In October, some of her high-fashion creations were put on display at a boutique in Manhattan as well

Amazon’s palm-scanning tech expands beyond payments

28 Nov 2023 10:55 AM GMT
The tech giant is rolling out Amazon One Enterprise, a version of its palm-reading biometric system designed for corporate offices rather than...

Govt to open research park at top educational institutions to promote science & tech

7 Aug 2023 12:59 PM GMT
The move aims to augment the research ecosystem and strengthen academic-industry collaborations

Cyclone crosses Gujarat, technology and timely preparations saved lives

17 Jun 2023 3:59 AM GMT
Accurate forecast of the rainfall and the path of the cyclone and the preparedness of the CM Bhupendra Patel government helped achieve this feat

Nearly 4,000 people working in tech lost their jobs because of AI in May

5 Jun 2023 11:15 AM GMT
OpenAI introduced ChatGPT in November 2022, and Google and Microsoft launched their own AI tools Bard and Bing in February this year

Chrome gets WebGPU tech for high-performance 3D graphics

7 April 2023 9:32 AM GMT
The new WebGPU is now available by default in Chrome 113, which is currently in the Beta channel